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Modern Toss Shouting Poster Exhibition - Make it Happen Yeah?
Modern Toss Shouting Picture

There are only THREE days to go on our Kickstarter campaign and we’ve more than doubled our original target! Help us get to £55K and we’ll be able to make a bunch of mental interactive sound pictures for an exhibition in London in September. That's right: a room full of swearing pictures that shout stuff at you like “PLANT’S ARSEHOLE” if you touch them. Sounds like great day out yeah?

The extra cash will cover design and production costs, and enable us to offer a wider range of artwork for sale at the exhibition, so pre-order the book if you haven’t already, or grab one of our other limited edition shitnaks and pledges before they disappear forever...

Almost there...

Two days in and we're nearly at our Kickstarter target

Huge thanks to everyone who's pledged and shared our campaign. Some rewards are already sold out, but there are still plenty of book pre-orders available along with other exclusive Modern Toss shitnaks and limited edition items.

If you're feeling a bit fancy, get yourself an Executive Shitbox version of the new book, complete with its own numbered and signed slipcover. There are only about 20 left on offer so grab one before they're gone. The first thousand Tossers to pre-order the book will get their name printed in a special credits page at the back of the collection, and everyone who pledges will get their name on the 'Friends of Modern Toss' page of our website.

Once we hit our goal we'll be adding in extra pledges and start heading for stretch goals, so keep checking back for new updates yeah?


'A Decade in the Shithouse' Kickstarter Ends Friday at Midnight!
Modern Toss: A Decade in the Shithouse

Last chance to get your hands on limited edition shitnaks and rewards in our Kickstarter - it'll all be over on Friday at midnight. 

Pre-order the book and get an exclusive shitnak package for your trouble.

Less than 48 hours to go... help us boost our grand total to over £55,000 and we'll put together a shouting picture exhibition in London, full of artwork that yells obscenities at you when you press it. It's all about the interactive, immersive, multimedia sort of shit these days yeah? 

Cheers to everyone who's already pledged - we really appreciate it and we're working hard on getting the book finished as soon as possible. Here's a dummy version of the hardback and slipcase to give you an idea of just how massive this collection is going to be...

Visit our Kickstarter page here and pre-order it now yeah?

Modern Toss 10th Anniversary Hardback Collection: A Decade in the Shithouse

Modern Toss is 10! 

Next week we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund an incredible new Modern Toss hardback book: A Decade in the Shithouse.

Help us celebrate by pre-ordering your copy and getting your name in the back as a 'Friend of Modern Toss' or you can check out the other Toss-based fundraising items in the campaign to help get this book printed up! 

If you've never heard of crowdfunding before, it basically means that you 'pledge' whatever amount of cash you want in return for some Modern Toss shitnaks and exclusive rewards. You can pre-order the book for £25 which includes our massive best-of collection (including unseen cartoons, archive rarities and one-off exhibitions), postage, a commemorative badge, a 'cheers' certificate, and an exclusive out-of-print PDF comic. 

Keep a lookout for the launch next week and help us make it happen!

Modern Toss 10 Year Retrospective in Gallery Toilets

Modern Toss are celebrating 10 years of premiere shit-scribbling with a one day micro-exhibition in the public toilets of four leading national galleries. 

The Modern Toss Cistern Chapel exhibition allows the viewer the opportunity to experience our work in a space-appropriate context, whilst hopefully leaving enough elbowroom for a piss if you need one. 

Participating Galleries:

15th May - Horniman, London

16th May - Herbert, Coventry

16th May - Northern Print, Newcastle

17th May - Gladstone, Stoke

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