Who the fuck are modern toss?

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“Modern Toss is a couple of cack handed trouble-makers thinking up jokes and drawing them up for comics, greetings cards, books and animation. Prized by connoisseurs and collectors, their laugh out loud prints and artwork decorate toilet walls throughout the country” 

They made two TV series for Channel 4 along with an impressive stack of other short animations for the telly; in particular, Business Mouse, the daft as arseholes run ins of a foul mouthed entrepreneurial cockney mouse, proved a massive hit. Over the years Modern Toss have self published a whole rack of sharp and hilarious books, including the ever popular Work series. 

In 2014 a comprehensive appraisal of their groundbreaking work to date 'A Decade in the Shithouse’ book, weighing in at nearly 5lbs, was hailed as "a contemporary cartoon classic" by someone at The Guardian. Their work features regularly in Private Eye, The Guardian, New Scientist and Esquire and bursts out occasionally in a crop of other magazines and newspapers. 

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